Brighton Road, Croydon

Edgeley Developments

Planning permission was granted for the conversion of 2 semi-detached properties to 9 new dwellings, including 3 x 3-bedroom family apartments.

We provided strategic, planning, procedural and planning law advice to the client leading on the delivery of consent for initial proposals to convert 2 semi-detached properties, one of which had already been converted to maisonettes, into 9 new dwellings.

The initial pre-application included a scheme to add a stand-alone ‘backland development’ dwelling and a lower ground floor through significant excavation.

Working with the client, the architect and the Council, permission was eventually granted for 9 new dwellings, including 3 x 3 + bedrooms, within the existing property footprint.

Client Name:
Edgeley Developments

Project Location:
Brighton Road, Croydon

Residential Redevelopment

Local Authority:
Croydon Council

Service Provided:
Planning Application, Prior Approvals and s106